Mr. Potato Head

Early this morning Brady picked up his tablet, an old Iphone of mine, and decided to watch a Mr. Potato Head video on Kids' YouTube. This inspired him to build his own Mr. Potato Head! Brady has had a collectors edition of Mr. Potato Head for a few months now. Every morning, he gets up... Continue Reading →

An Autism Mom.

By: Grace Braun To be an Autism Mom... You must be strong! You must be patient and eager to learn. Your dreams for your child don't have to burn. You can't be negative, let's make that clear... No matter how your reality may appear... Be grateful for all you have every single day. Always know... Continue Reading →

Autism Puzzle ‘Peace’

By: Grace Braun Do you agree or disagree with the use of the puzzle piece in reference to Autism? I am fully supportive of the use of the puzzle piece. However, I would love to hear others' perspectives. I keep hearing people say not to use the puzzle piece because it suggests Autism is a... Continue Reading →

Artist In The Making

By: Grace Braun finally happened! Brady drew all over his bedroom wall! Are we mad?! NO! We are thrilled! Brady has always had too much flexibility in his joints all over his body. This has always impeded on his ability to walk, run, and hold a writing utensil. In fact, about a year ago,... Continue Reading →

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